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If you want to help but cannot adopt or foster, consider a monetary donation to AFF. All donations are used to help and care for the many animals that AFF cares for. With more funds we're able to help and take on more animals.

You're also able to donate monthly if you prefer!

All donations are tax deductible.


AFF is asking for donations for one of our own, a member of AFF for a long time, Krista. She has recently lost a horse now she one of her other beloved horses is sick. The bill is high and we are asking for donations to help her. Krista is a adopter and foster volunteer of AFF and has supported us endlessly. We want to help support her and Tinker. Tinker is a great horse who helps teach kids ride. All donations made through AFF are tax deductible and will go right to Krista to help Tinker. Any amount helps! You can donate through AFF's donate button or through the gofundme page. If donating through AFF please write Tinker in the subject line so we know the donation is for her. Click the button below to be redirected to the gofundme page.

Current Vet Bills:

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