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Donations will be used to help many animals.  Below are some stories of those that need our help.


$5,991,14 is the low end for the surgery $6,936,42 is the high end! poor little Buster was taken to the hospital. He is in bad shape! It’s either a herniated disc or slipped disc. He is unable to walk and in a lot of pain. We are desperate for donations to pay his bill. We had to borrow the money just to put him in the hospital. The neurologist will do an MRI, then spinal surgery in the morning! His estimate is attached. Please help; every cent matters for Buster! Buster was given up a few months ago because he did not like the kids poking him in the eye and pulling at his fur. His foster mommy and daddy love him! He is finally happy! We are so sad for him! He is a dachshund mix about 5 years old.



Only $800 needed to pay off Buster's bills.  Thank you so much to all who have helped us up to this point.


Update on Buster from his foster mommy. We still owe $4000.00 on Busters bill. Please consider buying something or donating. All donations are tax deductible.

It has been just over two months since Buster's surgery. How far he has come from that day.
He just got his first bath so his fur is starting to come back. (I included pic) His walk is a funny (I think it might always be like this now) he is still a little wobbly at times but his spine has a permanent curve. He can go down the steps by himself, however he doesn't like to go up the steps on his own. Secretly I think he just likes to be carried. He's Mommy's little baby. He Enjoys being outside just watching his deer friends.

Love, thank you everyone for your help!
Buster's mommy


He's home and on pain medication for nausea. He's eating and is starting to feel a little better and is so happy to be back with his foster parents! When he goes out to potty, his back legs are supported and he can take a couple of wobbly steps. He is on crate rest for two months, which he hates, poor baby.

We were lucky and the total due on his bill was a little over $6,100, NOT the $6,500 we were expecting. We STILL need donations and lots of shares to raise enough to pay off the $5,200 we borrowed.


He is weak and wobbly, but can walk with help and will get better! He had two slipped discs, but one was causing the neurological issues. Both were repaired. The bill is $6,100, but that amount does not include the past 24 hours!

If Buster does well with just oral pain meds today, he can be released tonight and they think the bill will be about $6500 by then. If not, then he will have to stay over again.


Buster had the surgery this afternoon and the vet said it went well and he's resting. His foster parents will visit him tomorrow and get more info then.  Tel (215) 676-3318

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