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Happy Tails

AFF's adopted Animals

From June 6, 2007 till present day, Animal Friends Furever has put their heart and soul on the line to save animals. Though a small rescue, we focus on quality adoptions for both our animals and the people we adopt to. When we agree to take in an animal, we make a commitment to them that extends for the rest of their lives. You will see some photos with no dates. These are animals that never made it or never left their foster homes, they are our forever fosters. Some photos over the years have been lost. We love and care about every animal we bring in and are very proud to have helped each one. Our goal has not changed from day one. It is not only our four-legged friends but also the healing they bring to their human companions who can also see how truly special and precious they all are.

Adopted Animals
No pictures available.
Lila - 3/22/2008
Peaches & Pickles 9/10/2010
Fooey 4/6/2012
Coal & Flint

Natasha - 2/8/2007
Gracie - 12/4/2007
Sadie - 4/26/2008
Kelsey - 9/28/2013
Moose - 12/14/2014
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